Sashco Conceal Textured Wood Caulking, 10.5 oz Cartridge, Frontier G…

Price: $8.21

We’re tired of seeing weird, shiny caulk all over wood and log homes, too. So, we quit using that stuff and use Conceal instead. Conceal is the first caulk designed specifically for wood. It’s lightly textured to simulate the natural roughness of wood and comes in seven colors designed to complement the most popular wood stain colors. The caulking disappears into the woodwork and your home is sealed from the elements. Stop staring at those funny-looking caulk lines and get some Conceal.Lightly textured to blend in with wood
Super elastic
Powerful adhesion to wood
Compatible with all Sashco stains
Goes on smooth, easy to work with
Resistant to rainfall in 1-4 hours
Water clean-up
Low odor
UV resistant
Exterior & Interior
Freeze-thaw stable – OK to leave in unheated garage